If you are a resident or business located in Rockland County, Westchester or Orange, and are going to invest thousands of dollars in a roofing project, you need to know how to find the best roofing company for your needs. Many people are not sure how to compare “apples to apples” when it comes to roofers.



Some roofing companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years promoting their name and, in some cases, overcharge. On the other end of the spectrum are the price-cutters and fly-by-night companies that cut corners and provide shoddy work, but do so at a price that is unbelievable. It is unbelievable because it is too good to be true. . Every professional roofer has the same basic costs if they are doing quality work. All firms buy their materials from the same suppliers, all have the same costs for licenses and insurance. There are some variances in labor. However, there is a range that is narrower than many think. You can save money if the owner is running the job and is the person who meets with you. In this case, you are not paying for a salesperson or a crew foreman. Below are tips to compare how various roofing companies provide value and some tips on what to avoid. In the end, you are always wise to buy the best value. JRK Construction has built their reputation and consumer base by delivering the best value to fulfill each customer’s individual needs. They service both the residential and commercial roofing markets.


1- Always use a roofing contractor that is licensed and insured. This protects you, your home and your savings. If you use an uninsured roofer and one of their workers gets hurt, that worker can come back and sue you.

2- Use a local roofing contractor; they depend on their local reputation. They know that you can help them with a good review or hurt them with a bad one or by calling the Better Business Bureau, local Chamber of Commerce or local consumer protection agency.

3- Make sure that the salesperson is knowledgeable and can give you options to solve your roofing issues. If you are dealing with the owner of the company, you know that you are dealing with the person who is responsible for your satisfaction.

4- Always compare value, not just price. Often the fly-by-night roofer will change the quality of the roofing material to lower the price and hope that you do not notice. Always make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” and quality to quality. Only then can you compare pricing. In the end buying quality, priced competitively, (value) is the best decision.

5- Check their on-line reputation – read their reviews and testimonials.

6- Check with the Better Business Bureau and your local consumer protection agency for unresolved complaints against the contractor.

7- Before you make a decision, interview the two or three roofing contractors you are most interested in and ask the following questions:

a) Ask how long they have been in business and how many years of experience they have.

b) Ask if they know the local ordinances and if they have ever had problems complying with them.

c) Understand what warranties are offered on the roofing materials, understand the difference and make sure you know the brand and the exact warrantee of the materials you choose (some contractors will inform you that they offer materials with long warranties but then cut their price and use materials with shorter warranties)

d) Make sure they put in writing that they will complete the work according to the manufacturer’s specifications - insuring your warranties are valid.

e) Make sure the manufacturer’s warrantee is in writing.

f) Are warranties offered on the labor? If so, what are they? Make sure it is in writing!

g) Do they have any credentials and advanced training from manufacturers?

h) Do you have access to the owner – better yet is the owner on the job overseeing it?

i) Ask for photos of completed work –(better yet, ask for before and after pictures).

j) Are they willing to complete the work in a timely manner?

k) Ask about their clean up policies – they should clean up every day.

l) Understand the damage policies. There is no way to tear a roof off without causing some damage. The homeowner should expect a reasonable amount of damage to their landscaping. However, you should understand the limits and what the company will do if these are exceeded.

m) Ask how the company has handled a job where a problem came up. Listen carefully to see how they respond to a customer.

n) What does your gut tell you- are you comfortable with the company?

8- Go through the written contact. Make sure you understand it and the terms are clearly stated.

9- Make sure you feel comfortable with the company you are going to use, that your gut says you can trust them and that you have access to the owner. Communication is paramount – make sure you have access to the owner and that they are willing to communicate with you.

In addition to these tips we have also compiled a list of things you should always avoid in a roofer too.